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70 Years of Manufacturing Excellence with Light Boxes

70 Years of Manufacturing Excellence with Light Boxes

Engaging product and brand display are essential to increasing sales and showcasing any company’s products, services, and merchandise. Light boxes have been an essential tool for capturing attention and providing a professional, eye-catching display for stores and companies everywhere.
Now, Testrite is celebrating 70 years of manufacturing excellence with light boxes. By offering a selection of light boxes, from fabric lightboxes to duratrans lightboxes, from flat lightboxes to engaging 3 dimensional lit cubes, rectangles, and triangles, Testrite has long been a leading US light box manufacturer for many industries.

The History and Use of the Light Box    

A light box includes an exterior frame and an internal lighting source that illuminates a graphic or product within or on top of the light box. Testrite’s history with light boxes began 70 years ago when Testrite began began manufacturing light boxes for the photographic industry in 1952. Light boxes were critical to being able to quickly gauge the quality of photographic negatives, whether in a dark room or another environment. Testrite also manufactured photographic enlargers and opaque projectors, evolutions of the lightbox that were staples of the visual industries of the time. Testrite has worked with Underwriters Laboratory (UL) for decades to ensure the safety of it’s lightboxes. While we started with incandescent and then fluorescent lightboxes, we have since migrated to Light Emitting Diodes, LEDs, which still benefits from our optical and photographic background.

Light Boxes and the Retail Environment 

Today, light boxes are more than just a tool—they’re an integral resource for engaging customers, highlighting products and services, and driving sales. Testrite manufactures and supplies different types and styles of light boxes to suit a range of client needs. 
Light boxes are often a fixture in storefronts and other customer-facing businesses and locations. A range of companies and businesses use light boxes to spotlight key products and information, whether it’s to improve ambiance, upsell customers, or provide a reassuring sense of being in a place where you’ll be well taken care of. Most popular today are our stretch fabric lightboxes and our SEG Lightboxes. These leverage beautiful stretch fabric graphics that uniquely capture consumer attention, printed onto fabric with dye sublimation. Light boxes are incredibly versatile, and there’s a place and use for them in almost any showroom, storefront, or similar location.  

LED Light Boxes

Testrite’s light boxes have evolved over the years. The latest generation features low-voltage LED lighting that allows for high efficiency. LED lighting affords:
  • Light efficiency
  • Low heat
  • Wide beam angle lighting
  • Long life
  • Color temperatures ideal for printed graphics


Options, Sizes, and Features of Testrite’s Light Boxes  

There’s more than one way to light a visual and create a display. Fortunately, with Testrite’s light boxes, options and features abound, whether you need a stock SEG lightboxes, a custom SEG lightbox, or a custom lit fabric tower. 
  • Silicone Edge Graphics, or SEG light boxes, enable stretch fabric graphics to span across an aluminum frame. LEDs behind the graphic beautifully light the image as light bounces around inside the lightbox. The beauty of SEG is that graphics are easy for store associates to replace without needing to bring in installers. Graphics within SEG light boxes can be swapped out for easy reuse, and new graphics can shipped rolled or folded.
  • Lit Stretch Fabric Structures also known as pillowcase frames, utilize an aluminum skeleton made in house by Testrite that’s then wrapped by fabric graphics. Our proprietary “torpedo lights” hang inside the structure, providing tremendous lumination and allow for easy daisy chaining. Our lit stretch fabric structures are available in squares, cubes, rectangles, triangles, and circles, along with custom shapes. Note that the struts that make up a lit fabric structure will create some amount of shadow when lit.
  • SnapFrame light boxes allow for front-loading convenience and amazingly consistent light dispersion to really highlight visual material in the frame. Our SupraSlim Snap Frame light boxes have been judged as being the best in the industry, winning out in “bake offs” where our Snap Frame lightboxes were put up against the competition. These lit snapframes use transparent Duratrans graphics for high-quality prints and include a clear lens to protect the graphic. Testrite proudly manufactures SnapFrame light boxes in the USA, with custom sizes available starting at quantity 1. 
  • Double-Sided SEG light boxes are SEG light boxes designed to include a graphic on both the front and the back of the display. These light boxes are ideal for showrooms and anywhere a floor or ceiling-mounted display can have an effect. 
The fabric light boxes, SEG light boxes, and other light boxes that Testrite manufactures and supplies are hardly one-size-fits-all. In fact, they come with a range of custom size options, mounting options, color choices, and custom finishes. So, you always have versatility when planning out your visual displays.   

Light Boxes

Check out the various models and items available to find what suits your needs. 
  • Charisma Double Sided Light Boxes is built on a 4-¾” Deep profile, permit the use of graphics on both front and back, perfect for spacious storefronts and showrooms 


Lightbox structures (3 Dimensional)

In addition to “flat” lightboxes, Testrite offers 3 dimensional lightboxes in a variety of shapes:  

Testrite and a Commitment to Quality

For decades, brands, retailers, and companies have relied on Testrite’s services and products to enhance visuals and integrate graphics into their retail environments. As a manufacturer and supplier of so many US-made goods, like our made-in-the-USA light boxes, we are proud to carry on the reputation for quality and service that we’ve held for so many years.   

To learn more about any of Testrite’s products and services, call our team at 888.873.2735, sales ext. 3. Or send us an email at display@testrite.com. We always enjoy sharing more info about the products we create and supply and would be happy to speak with you today. 

Table Manufacturer and Table Parts Manufacturer: Telescoping Tubing For Tables Provide Versatile Solutions

Table Manufacturer and Table Parts Manufacturer: Telescoping Tubing For Tables Provide Versatile Solutions

They aren’t always the topic of conversation, but a well-made table is more than just a pretty face, it can serve a number of valuable functions. While an ‘off the shelf’ table can meet most needs, there are times when a custom made to order table is what’s required.

Testrite manufactures a variety of customizable tables and table parts available in quantity 25+. Testrite specialized in telescopic table legs, portable table legs, and portable tables, and can supply either just the telescopic or removable table legs you need, or an entire table built to order. If you’re looking for a custom table in quantity, especially where portability or graphics are critical, reach out to us!


Testrite is Bringing Their Expertise to the Table

You may be thinking that most tables are built the same—with four legs and a tabletop—but that’s where you’d be wrong. Table construction varies. Some are stationary, like a traditional dinner table, while an RV table may need a fold out leg that telescopes, aka a telescopic table leg. 
Since 1919, Testrite has manufactured products for many end markets, including Retail Visual Displays. Throughout the years of producing display equipment, Testrite has rolled out a wide variety of table constructions, which can be leveraged for your next project.  
These unique tubes utilize sturdy aluminum and/or steel construction. Unique features of tables that we manufacture have included:
  • Fold down table legs made to order / fold up table legs
  • Table legs that fold in half 
  • Tables with integrated fabric graphics
  • Swivel table legs that collapse 
  • Tabletops that fold for portability
  • Inlaid steel tables
  • Tables with hard-wearing membrane pressed wood countertops with stained wood, marble, brushed steel, and many more finish options
  • Tables on wheels with wood countertops
  • Tables with legs that screw off / twist off for compact shipping
  • Promotional table stations
Over its long history, Testrite has paired its flexible tubing solutions with tabletops, either provided by Testrite or the customer, to produce unique table solutions.
Our tables have been used by banks for signing up new customers, new credit card signup tables, beauty bar consultant table, beauty rep makeover table, department store sales rep tables, and visual merchandising tables!

Our ability to integrate graphics and branding into our tables means that we can make unique displays that can help your branding, or the branding of your client stand out front and center.
Testrite is distilling it’s many years of table manufacturing experience into a new “tool kit”, available for anyone trying to make 25+ tables. Testrite can develop a tailored solution for your next project, whether you’re an RV manufacturer looking to add a fold up table leg, a retailer looking for a table that can be rolled out in the morning and back in each evening, or an inventor with a new table concept in mind.

Many table leg styles available a la carte

Testrite has experience manufacturing table legs in a wide variety of styles, including but not limited to:
  • 3 Leg table plates, with fixed stems and removable table legs, allowing for tables to be shipped with leg removed
  • Round telescopic table leg, with infinitely adjustable locking mechanism
  • Round telescopic table leg with spring button
  • Square telescopic table leg with spring button
  • Tripod style table legs or full tripod bases made in house
  • Wheeled table legs
  • Wheeled steel bases with hidden casters

Convertible Options for RV Manufacturers and Tiny Homes

The RV industry is currently on the rise. In 2020, over 430,000 RVs were sold in the United States—even with a two-month shutdown due to COVID—and the industry is expected to grow in the upcoming years. Tiny homes have grown in popularity as well. Both of these markets have a common problem: space.
To overcome square footage restrictions, tiny homes and recreational vehicles need clever solutions for dining and entertainment space. Tables made with Testrite’s telescoping tubing are the perfect answer for small spaces. The telescoping legs allow the tables to adjust to multiple heights, which gives RV and tiny homeowners options to use the tables for dining purposes, extra counter space, and even convertible sleeping areas.
Whether it’s one custom-built table or thousands of parts manufactured on a large scale, Testrite is the answer for convertible table options for RV manufacturers and tiny home builders. A variety of telescoping leg and tabletop options gives clients the flexibility to meet a wide variety of convertible table requirements.

If you have an idea for how to service the RV market, Testrite stands ready to make legs for you!

Solutions for Retail Industry Clients

Tables made by Testrite are an excellent option for many retail applications. With adjustable legs and durable countertops, these tables offer a variety of uses, including displaying merchandise.

Reach Out to Testrite For Your Next Custom Table Project

Testrite products are U.S.-made, from the legs to the tabletops. All of the table parts and tables can be custom-made to order, providing a variety of options to meet the needs of any customer. Whether it’s 25 tables (minimum for tables is 25) or thousands, Testrite has the means to manufacture the right table for your business. To learn more about how we can help you build the table of your dreams, contact us today!

Testrite Visual 2021 Holiday Schedule

testrite schedule

Testrite Instrument Celebrates 20+ Years Manufacturing for the Hunting, Fishing, and Outdoor Living Industry

Testrite Instrument Celebrates 20+ Years Manufacturing for the Hunting, Fishing, and Outdoor Living Industry  

The global fishing and hunting equipment market was valued at nearly $519 billion USD in 2020 and is expected to grow to $788 billion by 2027, according to market research. Suffice it to say, the industry, and its customer base, is growing and passionate . 
Testrite Instrument Co. has long been a leader in the manufacture of aluminum telescopic tube assemblies made to order as well as accompanying steel bases, including ground stakes. For the last 20 years, we have offered this industry in-house telescopic tube fabrication services, from creating prototypes to manufacturing tens of thousands of components and pieces of equipment. 
“We love our hunting projects,” says Jeffrey Rubin, President of Testrite. “This market has such passionate customers and entrepreneurs and we’re excited to support their innovations with our core competency in telescopic tubing.”
By working directly with designers, innovators, and product inventors, Testrite is excited to help new products and ideas take shape to help enhance the hunting, fishing, and outdoor sports experience. This is a market that values Testrite’s ability to innovate, deliver quickly, and manufacture in the USA.

Whether it’s a fish finder, decoy holder, gear holder, gun support, or more, Testrite is relied upon by those who know that having the right gear outdoors makes all the difference.
If you want to commercialize a Hunting, Fishing, or Outdoor Living product that needs telescopic tubing, reach out today via www.TestriteOEM.com

Working with Testrite

Bringing Ideas to Life

Testrite has decades of experience bringing new products and ideas to life thanks to its wide range of design and manufacturing services and reliance on quality materials used in the OEM process. 
The materials used in our telescopic aluminum tubing products are lightweight and corrosion resistant, which is important for outdoors gear. 

High-quality aluminum telescopic tubing is the material and component of choice to create innovative products. 

Since Testrite has worked with large, established companies and product innovators and with start-ups looking to test out a new idea or bring a prototype to life, we have experience across the spectrum. 

No matter the size of your company, or of your idea for that matter, we’d be thrilled to hear more about your goals.

An American Manufacturer 

Testrite is proud to be an American manufacturer with a longstanding reputation for quality and reliability. By manufacturing our products and components in the US, our business supports an important market right at home. By working with a sketch, print, or prototype of a product, Testrite is using its expertise in telescopic tubing and manufacturing to bring new products, and their various pieces, to life.

Benefits of Working with Testrite

Testrite’s work with telescopic aluminum tubing and OEM fabrication has already led to the design and creation of smooth support systems for rifles and of innovative gear support stands, among countless other products and designs across varying industries. We’re excited to see some of the other products and ideas that take shape using Testrite’s corrosion-resistant aluminum and other fine materials well-suited to new hunting and fishing gear and equipment.  
In addition to manufacturing in the USA, Testrite’s sales, support, and shipping are all based here in the US, as well. This means that the people and companies we work with don’t have to worry about long lead times or shipping delays, especially given international shipping delays and import/export logistics issues. Our supply chain is right here.

Contact Testrite to Learn More

At Testrite, we’ll bring your ideas and design to life, giving you ample ability to test out your product before manufacturing it on a wider scale. For the inventors and innovators in the hunting and fishing sector, we can help take ideas to the next step and work with you to realize and create great products. Our low minimums keep costs down during design and development so you can take the full opportunity to experiment and hone your ideas.

Request a quote from Testrite today to get started. Or, contact us so that we can help answer your questions. We’re always thrilled to work with new companies and developers, and we’d be glad to learn more about your ideas today.

Testrite Visual Showcases Cannabis Retail Visual Solutions at CWCBExpo New York

Testrite Visual Showcases Cannabis Retail Visual Solutions at CWCBExpo New York

November 1, 2021 Hackensack, New Jersey - Testrite Visual is pleased to announce it will be attending the CWCB Expo taking place November 4th through the 6th in New York, New York at the Javitts Center. 
The CWCB Expo is the premier cannabis networking event on the East Coast and is taking place during Cannabis Week NYC. CWCB Expo  is a business-to-business trade show event for the legalized cannabis industry. It is the leading forum for dispensary owners, growers, suppliers, investors, medical professionals, government regulators, legal counsel, and entrepreneurs looking to achieve business success and identify new areas of growth in this dynamic and fast-growing industry.
“We attended MJBizCon in Las Vegas two weeks ago and found that this industry values our domestic manufacturing capabilities,” says Testrite President, Jeffrey Rubin “and it gave us an opportunity to introduce Testrite’s visual display solutions to a new market of retail stores.” 
Visitors can find Testrite Visual at Booth 605 where they will be showcasing several innovative Cannabis Retail Visual Solutions that include ShelfTalkers, Poster Signholders, TableTop Singholders, Trelices, Drying racks, and Lollipop Stands.  Testrite has also created a convenient catalog just for the show for potential customers to download and explore all the products. The Testrite team will be led by VP of Sales, Paula Goodelman. 

Visit the CWCB Expo site to learn more.
Testrite Visual is a fourth-generation family-owned and operated business and American manufacturer focused on providing hardware and solutions to integrate graphics into the retail environment. 

Importance of Onsite Signage in Hiring

Onsite Signage Boosts Recruiting Results 

The last year has been incredibly difficult for countless businesses and a significant factor contributing to this difficulty has been the widespread labor shortage. As of September 2021, there were over 10 million job openings, and businesses are struggling to fill positions in numerous industries. 
 Businesses need to be able to advertise competitive wages and benefits of working for their company in order to draw in qualified candidates. Fortunately, Testrite offers exceptional hiring signage that’s perfect for finding the best available employees in the job market. We offer great hardware and graphics for recruiting that will help your business fill open positions.


Importance of Onsite Signage in Hiring

In 2020, Testrite, a US Manufacturer, changed gears to sell Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This led to an acute staffing shortage. Testrite tried placing ads in local papers and online, with limited results. It was only when Testrite implemented Onsite signage that new applications quadrupled almost immediately. Onsite signage, from Outdoor A Frame Signholders to Window Hanging Signs really boosted interest in the positions.
With the current widespread labor shortage, you need to catch people’s attention when you advertise open positions. People need to see that you’re hiring as they walk or drive by your store. Additionally, they should also see signage within your store as they shop or patronize your establishment. Who knows the values and benefits of your brand better than your current customers?
With the right visual display solution combining recruiting hardware and graphics, you can grab people’s attention and educate them about all the benefits of working for your business. With the right signage you can outline all the amazing benefits of being an employee.  This might include advertising details such as wages, vacation and health benefits, job openings, scheduling flexibility and more.  
In the current labor market, you need advertising that sets you apart from other businesses, and that’s why Testrite offers the best recruiting hardware and graphics to bring in the most qualified candidates. 

Testrite Visual Merchandising 

We offer five great categories of recruiting signage solutions to help draw the attention of candidates. 

Free Standing

Free standing signage can sit on a floor, in your entrance, or within your store.  They are available in a variety of sizes and colors.  This ensures your recruiting hardware and graphics matches your brand’s unique color and styles.  We also have outdoor hardware that can sit outside your entrance, grabbing the attention of those walking and driving by.
Some of the best free-standing products for advertising your job openings include:

  • A-Frames: These signs are perfect for attracting pedestrians walking by your establishment.  You can even attach hardware to hold brochures and trifolds so people can pick up more information as they walk by.   
  • Now Hiring Outdoor Feather Flag: This 14’ Tall feather flag comes with our standardized now hiring graphics and is designed for use outdoors.
  • Convex Poster Signholders: Offer stylish and curvy design that’s so simple to assemble and set up.  It is available in multiple display options and sizes and ideal for use indoors.
  • Tornado Towers: Our towers are lightweight and durable, and they’re perfect for standing out in a crowded space indoors. These large units command attention.


Countertop signage can be another powerful tool to advertise your available job openings.  This is a great place to advertise your business’s wages and benefits as shoppers and patrons visit your store. 
Some of the best Testrite countertop signage solutions include:

  • CounterTop Framettes: These metal frames are strong and rigid. They come in custom colors so that you can find the best option for your business. 
  • Double LL Countertop Mounts: Comes with stylish rounded corners and includes the options of satin silver, matte black, or custom colors. 
  • Tabletop Wire Loop Holders: These countertop metal ring stands come with an attractive silver finish and its easy to pop in signage and easily swap out your messaging.


 Testrite’s wall-mounted frames and banners are incredibly easy to mount and customize. Some of our options include: 


Banner Stands

Our banner stands can capture people’s attention with simple yet elegant designs. If your business is hosting a hiring fair, or attending a recruiting event, our banner stand are an excellent investment. 
The banner stand options that work well for recruiting include:  

  • American Eagle: The American Eagle banner stand instantly grabs the attention of people walking by. Thesestrong and lightweight banner stands come in 8’ and 10’ wide.  These are perfect for hiring and recruiting fairs.  Many clients have even started using them for VIRTUAL hiring fairs.    
  • Harmony Banner Stands: The Harmony is our best-selling pillowcase banner stand. It’s the world’s easiest banner stand to assemble, and switching graphics is incredibly convenient. 
  • Harmony Air: Like the standard Harmony banner stand, the Harmony Air is incredibly simple to assemble and change graphics, but it’s also more portable and weighs only 3 to 4 pounds.   This is a great option for hiring managers and recruiters who are traveling to meet prospective candidates, hiring at multiple store locations, or attending hiring events.   

Hanging Hardware

 If you are limited on floor space, some businesses choose to use more vertical space by hanging signs from the ceiling or the walls.  
Some of the best Testrite products for utilizing your vertical space to recruit new employees includes:

  • Universal Ceiling Tracks - This is a great way to utilize ceiling space to hang recruiting banners and messaging.  There are 4 installation options and it is so easy to swap our graphics. 
  • Trapeze Bars: This is a simple, yet effective way to better use vertical space and grab attention as soon as potential employees enter your business. 
  • Hang on Perimeter Rails: When you want to use wall space to advertise your open positions, our perimeter rails are a great choice as they can easily installed to any wall to display your recruiting messaging

From Hiring To Advertising  

Once you fill all your available positions the best part about Testrite hardware is it’s built to last.  They can easily be repurposed with new graphics and visuals to fulfill other organizational needs.  Testrite hardware never goes out of style because graphics integration is at the heart of everything we do and we make it easy for you to upgrade your signage and marketing message without the extra costs of having to buy all new hardware.  
Signage that was once used to advertise available positions can now be updated to advertise a monthly sale, BOPIS messaging, or other customer or employee facing messaging.  Businesses save time and money. 


Need Custom Hiring Graphic Solutions?

Does your business have a unique need when it comes to signage and graphic display solutions?  At Testrite we make it easy to customize graphic hardware.  From concept and design, to prototype, and final manufacturing and shipping Testrite is 100% US based which means it is easier, faster, and more economical to get great custom hardware.   Whether you need 1 or 1000, Testrite does custom right. 

Fill Your Open Positions with Testrite

Businesses need to be more savvy than ever when it comes to advertising vacant job openings in this labor market. Graphic hardware can play a critical role in attracting employees, and helps create a consistent marketing message for your brand. As your business grows and adds on new employees, you can use your Testrite hardware and graphics to continuously scale your business.

About Us

With over 100 years of experience providing businesses with exceptional hardware and solutions, graphics integration is the heart of everything we do. We create quality hardware with graphics that are easy to swap out, so as your hiring situation changes, you can change your graphics easily. Our displays are a great investment for any business, regardless of size, so start advertising your open positions today. If you need more information regarding our products, don’t hesitate to contact us!

New Tornado Towers Taking Retail by Storm

New Tornado Towers Taking Retail by Storm

Here at Testrite Visual, we offer exceptional displays with custom retail graphics that generate foot traffic and draw potential customers to your store. Our displays and graphics grab people’s attention to sell a product or convey important information. 
Pillowcase graphics have grown in popularity in recent years, as customers recognize the benefits of beautiful fabric graphics which pack down small and allow for easy graphic changes. Testrite’s line of Pillowcase graphic hardware ranges from our Harmony Stand (Narrow Format Banner Stand), our Straight Flatwall (Large Format Banner Stand), as well as Horizon Structures and Halo Pillowcase frames for ceiling mounting.
Testrite Visual is now bringing a new option for pillowcase graphics to market, our Tornado Towers! These tall funnel shaped graphic stands are perfectly sized for retail displays. These fabric graphic stands are for indoor use and grab the attention of customers and patrons, even if they’re far away. The stretch pillowcase fabric over the lightweight aluminum skeleton of the Tornado Tower captures attention and while the beautiful fabric provides impact and a lot of graphic real estate. Tornado Towers are also a stylish and effective way of displaying information. A traditional banner can often go overlooked, but with this unique display, you’ll have a powerful visual tool that you can use to sell products or share information. 
The display is lightweight and made from durable aluminum tubing. This simple yet effective design makes it highly portable, so you can easily move the display to different areas of your establishment. 


Features Included with the Tornado Tower Display

The Tornado Tower retail hardware stands come with several features and assembly items. The unit comes with a swedge and spring button construction as well as six screws for constructing the display. The display also comes with a screwdriver, and there’s even a spot on the stand where you can attach your screwdriver so that you never lose it. 
The Tornado Tower includes a steel plate that functions as a ballast to improve the display’s overall stability. If you plan to place your Tornado Tower display in an area with a great deal of foot traffic, we recommend adding additional ballast on top of the steel plate to further improve its overall stability before customers are allowed near the display. This way, you can ensure the stability of the display and the safety of those walking by. This can take the form of sand bags, canopy weights, or other heavy objects that fits inside the stand.

Different Models Available for the Tornado Tower

The Tornado Tower comes in different models to choose from so that you can pick the most suitable display for your business. Our models include:
  • COL28: Tornado Tower stand, 28” diameter, 84” tall 
  • COL28GF: Graphic for the Tornado Tower stand, COL28
  • COL36: Tornado Tower stand, 36” diameter, 96” tall 
  • COL36GF: Graphic for the Tornado Tower stand, COL36
  • TOR48: Tapered Tornado Tower stand 48”/28” diameter, 84” tall 
  • TOR48GF: Graphic for Tapered Tornado Tower stand, TOR48

Our graphics are sold separately from the Tornado Tower hardware. To learn more about the different available models and graphics as well as pricing, email or call Testrite Visual. 


About Us

Testrite Visual offers custom retail hardware and graphics for a wide range of different industries. We also supply great reseller discounts. We’re proud to offer quality products and reliable service, and we take pride in being an American manufacturer. Because we make our tornado towers and other exceptional custom hardware stands in the United States, our supply chain is much shorter than other hardware stand suppliers, meaning that there’s less shipping involved in the supply chain. Our shorter supply is more environmentally friendly, and we can supply customizable solutions that are perfect for your business needs. 
Our company is a fourth-generation family-owned and operated business. For over 100 years, we’ve provided businesses with hardware and solutions for using graphics in retail. We specialize in innovating graphic displays so that retailers can market their products effectively. If you need more information about hardware stands and our different options, contact us today!

New Cannabis Dispensary Retail Display & Hardware Solutions Now Available

Testrite Visual prides itself on innovation and keeping in stride with retail visual trends. Testrite is constantly innovating to stay ahead of these trends, and as a US manufacturer Testrite can move from design concept to shipping product in days.  

Testrite has seen huge growth in demand from the cannabis industry as more and more states begin to legalize recreational cannabis and even more legalize it for medicinal purposes.  As a result of this growing demand, cannabis dispensaries have opened all over the country with over 7,480 open as of January 2020. 
We have worked hard to understand the needs of this dispensary market, drawing on Testrite’s deep visual merchandising expertise. Testrite recently published a How To Guide for Signage For Cannabis Dispensaries offering Good / Better / Best options for clean and modern Cannabis Dispensary Signage.
One challenge we see in Cannabis dispensaries is that wall shelves are behind the counter, far from the customer. This makes it difficult to put a reasonable amount of product on each shelf while ensuring customer visibility.
Testrite’s steel shelf risers / tiered shelf risers enable dispensaries to put more product on each shelf, while maintaining product visibility. Because they’re made from metal, these shelf risers are more much durable than acrylic shelf risers, while being more economical and environmentally friendly. These risers can be made as a 2-tier retail display shelf, 3-tier retail display shelf or 4-tier retail display shelf.  Testrite’s new steel shelf risers are available in custom sizes and finishes starting at quantity 25 plus, with dozens of custom options available including imprinted branding and more.  
With Testrite’s new metal shelf risers, cannabis dispensaries can take advantage of vertical display space and can easily display both small and large product (including organized flower jars) while also keeping product organized and accessible to staff.  
They can be customized in a variety of finishes including black powder coating, white powder coating, a tinted clear coat showing the underlying metal, and a variety of other finishes.
Testrite offers retail visual display solutions for marijuana dispensaries that match the elevated brand experience dispensaries are aiming for. As competition increases with more cannabis retail points of sale, to stay competitive it’s even more important to have high quality us made visual display solutions to display product in a way that is clean, organized and effective. Better displays can help increase ticket size and build brand awareness and loyalty. Low quality plastic displays that become damaged, fade and hazy over time cheapen the customer experience.
Other popular signage products for dispensaries covered in our Beginners Guide to Dispensary Signage include:
  • Strain label holders / strain card holder / strain information holders - Eclipse Tabletop SignHolders are all metal, attractive, and ideal for sitting in a display case and viewed from above by customers looking down
  • Metal shelf talkers / shelf edge signholders / shelf information frames - Our Metal ShelfTalkers are ideal for providing information, branding, or promotional message at the edge of your existing wood or metal shelving
  • Wall Category Headers / Weed Category Headers are ideal for showing customers where in the store to look for specific types of product, be it Edibles, Flowers, Concentrates, or more. Products ideal for this application include ourFloating Standoff Mounts, Charisma Mini SEG, and Perfex Hanging SignFrames 
  • Dispensary entrance signs / Greeter Sign - Testrite offers a wide variety of signholders ideal for the cannabis dispensary entrance, including stands that can take paper right from your printer like our Perfex Pedestal SignFramesand EasyOpen SnapFrame Pedestal Stands, or a solution with more sizzle like our Lollipop Stands designed for circle or shape cut graphics that POP!
  • Customer queue / branded customer divider / branded customer divider - Our Crowd Q Stand is ideal for showing customers where to line up in a flexible format that can be expanded or reconfigured in minutes, in a manner that reinforces your brand message
  • Dispensary countertop signage can be simple and modern like our Arctop Signholders or Countertop Perfex Frames, or upgrade to Wireform Fabric Pillowcase Stands to set your visuals apart
  • Dispensary floor sign stands / Dispensary poster sign frames / Dispensary poster stand - Testrite is the industry leader in poster sign frames and poster sign stands. Some of the most popular for the dispensary market include ourL2328-S two tiered poster stand, our Convex Poster SignHolders which provide a curved effect, or our Harmony Banner Stand for those looking to upgrade to beautiful dye sublimated fabric graphic floor stands
  • Brand sign behind cash register / cash wrap signage / cash wrap lightbox / illuminate cash wrap sign - Many dispensaries are using the wall space at their entrance or behind the cash register to promote their brand. We offer solutions like Custom EasyOpen SnapFrames, or even more popular are our Charisma Mini SEG Signholders. For those looking for illuminate brand signage / lit branded signage, our Charisma SEG/LED Slim Profile Lightboxesuse
Put Testrite’s 102 year history in design, development, manufacturing and logistics to work for your cannabis dispensary launch or expansion.  We can help with store rolls out regionally or nationwide to ensure you have the highest quality display solutions for all your retail and signage needs. 

About Us 

Testrite Visual is a fourth-generation, 102-year-old family-owned and operated business and American manufacturer focused on providing hardware and solutions to integrate graphics into the retail environment. Testrite specializes in creating innovative visual display solutions to elevate visual merchandising.   For more information regarding our banner stands and options, contact us today! 

Wine and Liquor Displays to Enhance Your Professional Tasting Experiences

Wine and Liquor Displays to Enhance Your Professional Tasting Experiences 

Testrite Visual is pleased to announce its new line of customizable hardware for tastings in the liquor industry, wine tastings, and more. 

Tastings are key to introduce customers to new Wines as well as liquor brands. To help these brands and businesses, we’ve created a line of top-shelf wine tasting hardware. Designed with convenience and quality in mind, these wine and liquor tasting displays make it easy to take your brand on the road and offer traveling wine and liquor tastings for direct-to-consumer sales, traveling wine tastings, corporate events, private parties, and more. 
Our displays are designed to amplify your brand messaging and add professionalism and polish to your tastings to capture consumers looking for their next favorite bottle of wine or spirits. 
Why the introduction of this new line? “We recognized that wine and liquor tastings have traditionally been very informal. Putting the brand above the bottles reinforces the message that this particular brand is providing you the experience. It adds to the branding on the bottles, which is small relative to the graphic area provided by the stand.” says Jeffrey Rubin President of Testrite Visual. “We believe that businesses are missing out on a valuable branding opportunity and we have created this unique line of products to support their businesses and help them thrive. These tasting stations are built for tastings in a social media world.”
Testrite is here to help your brand elevate your testing experiences, both in-store and on the go. With premium and portable options, there’s a tasting stand for every taste. Both offer all-metal construction, are designed for graphics integration, and are built to last—with the added bonus of the ability to re-brand quickly. 
  • Portable tasting stand: This display is high-quality, yet lightweight, making it perfect for on-site tastings. Ready to assemble in less than 2 minutes, users can attach rigid graphics to the top and bottom of Testrite’s portable tasting stand. 
  • Premium tasting stand: This stand offers attractive oval uprights, a wet-erase display to write in tasting notes and other information. The premium tasting stand also offers a drop-in frame for easy graphic change outs, making promoting a new brand as simple as dropping in a new graphic. 
With either display, tasting can be branded, and the tasting hardware is lightweight and can be easily transported in a convenient carry bag that’s a mere 24 inches long. To learn more about these and other beverage tasting display products, visit our blog or shop Testrite today. Promoting different brands from one event to another is a breeze. Upgrade your liquor experiential marketing today with our Eye-Catching Wine and Liquor Tasting Displays! Need 25 or more units? We can customize! 

Wine Market is Growing

 Wine is a beverage that’s well-suited to almost any occasion: Poured as a before-meal aperitif, served alongside a meal, or shared among friends. It ranges in color from deep, intense, dry reds to gleaming white wines and cheerful, pink blushes of rosés. 
Red wine is undoubtedly the drink of choice for Americans—it’s the preferred drink of 42 percent of consumers in the U.S. And while 16 percent of Americans report that they don’t know anything about different types of wine, samplings and tastings are a great way to connect with customers, educate them about a variety of beverages, and—hopefully—make a sale!
Whether it’s a relaxing glass of red wine to unwind at the end of the day or a celebratory spirit to mark a festive occasion, consumers love to taste, sample, and enjoy before they take home a bottle of their new favorite beverage. Wine and liquor tastings are an extremely effective way to help wine and beverage enthusiasts add a new bottle to their shopping list.
The average American drinks 3.2 gallons of wine per year, and growth in the wine industry shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, by 2022, the wine industry’s CAGR is expected to grow by 3 percent. Everyone has their favorite bottle of wine, but there’s always room to try another, right?


Professional Wine Tasting Displays by Testrite

Most tastings are informal, brief, and fun, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not an opportunity to impress consumers and draw the eye with the right wine tasting hardware and display products. Testrite offers portable, professional wine and beverage tasting display products that are perfect for liquor and wine manufacturers, retail liquor stores, caterers, retreat and event venues, wineries, and private companies that have their own independent consultants and sales agents. 

Perfect for Experiential Marketing Events

Testrite’s wine tasting displays perfect for experiential marketing events, receptions, and other corporate and private gatherings. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more folks are looking for small yet unforgettable and creative ways to celebrate in small groups and outdoor settings. If you are branching out and ordering wines directly from the comfort of your home, you’re not alone. In fact, in April and May of 2020, eCommerce sales of wine rose 340 percent year-over-year.
Now that it may be safer to gather in small groups and share a bottle of wine with friends, colleagues, or clients, wine or liquor tasting parties are a safe way to kick back and sample a variety of flavors. Testrite’s wine tasting stands make an ideal display for brands to host small and large events, bringing attention to your brand, and providing a large graphic for Social Media posts.


Additional Tasting Hardware to Match Your Style, Brand, and Experience

Experienced beverage manufacturers and representatives know that there’s so much more to a great tasting experience than just one display, which is why Testrite offers an entire array of hardware.
Lollipop Stands
In addition to its new line of liquor tasting hardware, Testrite also offers other products for the liquor industry including lollipop stands which allow you to create a unique highly branded graphic. These are a “bubbly” way to share branding or tasting information and take your messaging to the next level by thinking outside the box—literally. 
Harmony Air Banner Stands
These ultraportable banner stands fit inside an airline carry-on bag (optional), are extremely lightweight at 3-4 lbs, and assemble in a snap tool free! Ideal for providing larger brand images, these stands start at 24” W and go up to 36” W standard, and custom sizes can be ordered in qty 25+. Beautiful stretch fabric graphics make graphic changes easy and reflect on the premium nature of your brand.
Retractable Banner Stands
Testrite also offers retractable banner stands that can be easily transported and set up at wine tasting events for large-scale, full-size banners that truly set the scene for a memorable tasting. Perfect for photo ops, strong branding visuals, and stunning photos, these banner stands add gravitas to any tasting.  
Crowd Q Stands
When people just can’t get enough of your favorite liquor or wine, why ask them to wait in a line marked by generic stanchions or cords? Continue your brand experience past your tasting and draw consumers to come take a sip with crowd Q standsemblazoned with your branding. 
Logo Imprinting
Customize your tasting stands, banner stands, and more with our logo imprinting services to expand your brand experience and add professional credibility and flair to every aspect of your wine or liquor tasting experience.


Your Beverage Tasting Visual Experience Partner

Testrite is passionate about helping companies just like yours spread the word about your exceptional wines and liquors. With tasting stands, banner stands, and more, we have what you need to turn your next tasting into a fully-branded, noteworthy happening. To learn more about how we can help with your events and get even more ideas for your brand, contact our team today!

About Us 

Testrite Visual is a fourth-generation, 102-year-old family-owned and operated business and American manufacturer focused on providing hardware and solutions to integrate graphics into the retail environment. Testrite specializes in creating innovative visual display solutions to elevate visual merchandising.   For more information regarding our banner stands and options, contact us today! 

Testrite Visual Showcases New Signature Products At RetailX Chicago

Testrite Visual Showcases New Signature Products At RetailX Chicago  

Testrite Visual is pleased to announce it will be attending RetailX taking place August 24th and 25th in in Chicago, Illinois.  RetailX is a premier education resource and networking partner for all things retail and is expecting hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendees working in all areas of retail including visual merchandising, ecommerce and logistics.  
“As an industry leader for retail display and hardware solutions, Testrite is very excited to return to this year’s RetailX experience” says Testrite President, Jeffrey Rubin. “This event allows us to network with new potential customers, nurture existing relationships with customers and business partners and showcase our latest retail innovations.” 
Visitors can find Testrite Visual at Booth 808 where they will be showcasing several innovative new products including the Lollipop Stands, CrowdQ Stands, Liquor Tasting hardware solutions, and more.   The Testrite team will be led by Sales Director, Paula Goodelman.    
Visit the RetailX Website to register today.  


Testrite Visual is a fourth-generation family-owned and operated business and American manufacturer focused on providing hardware and solutions to integrate graphics into the retail environment. 

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