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Logo Imprinting onto Testrite Hardware

Reinforce Your Branding / Advanced UV Inkjet Technology / Print Directly on to Frames and Bases


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Product Imprinting

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One of Testrite’s great advantages as a manufacturer is that we can customize our products with quick turnaround times. Testrite is proud to take Custom one step further with our new IMPRINTABLE program.We now have the ability to add your logo or brand to our display hardware straight from our factory. This reinforces your branding message and is also perfect for brands who need to ensure that hardware they purchase is used exclusively to promote their goods or services. Testrite is able to print directly onto many of our products with a unique new printing method.



Using advanced chemistry, inkjet printing and UV cured inks, we can achieve remarkable resolution and durability. including complex logos. Even small marking such as ® registrations or ™ trademarks come out clearly.Printable products include many Arctops, VM Clams, EasyOpen frames, Perfex Frames, Mightee Mounts, and many bases. A minimum quantity of 100 applies.