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Green Policy

Our commitment to the environment



  • Aluminum, steel and corrugated are our major material components.
  • 25% of our Aluminum currently comes from recycled billet, and will increase as more becomes available.
  • Steel recycled content currently averages 58%.
  • Corrugated medium and liner board (boxes) currently average 70% recycled content.


  • Testrite is undergoing a company-wide conversion to energy-saving LED lighting, further reducing our carbon footprint.

Local Supply

  • As a U.S. manufacturer, Testrite utilizes local suppliers reducing transportation impact.
  • The carbon footprint of a Toyota Prius built in Asia is greater than a Chevrolet Surburban built in the U.S.


  • Many of our designs are telescopic, facilitating less packaging and transportation.


  • 88% of our scrap metals are recycled.
  • 60% of our corrugated waste is converted into usable packaging.
  • We routinely recycle returned, damaged or obsolete products and materials.


  • Testrite products have always been known for extraordinary reliability and therefore have longer lives than our competitors' products.
  • If our products last longer, the carbon footprint is less.  Product life impacts the environment more than any other factor.

Environmentally Responsible Operation

nj environmental inspection

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has expressed its appreciation for Testrite's continued operation of an environmentally responsible operation.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.