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Branded Folding Merchandise Displays

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Are you looking for something new for your brand that can drive real value?
Branded Fold Out Merchandisers are high quality US Made Merchandising displays. Manufactured from a sheet of steel, these displays ship flat to the store, providing significant freight savings.
Steel displays are durable, enabling these displays to last from season to season, designed for restocking.
Branding is at the core of these displays. Unlike traditional displays that may feature printing on a rectangular box or a printed header, these displays have their branding built in. The graphics on the displays can be updated to promote new products, promotions, or sub-brands
This is a Patented display technology, with an established track record in Europe and growing use around the globe.
These displays are sustainable, made from steel featuring upwards of 60% recycled content. At the end of their useful life, these displays can be recycled. Because many fit on a truck, these displays are designed to minimize their carbon footprint.
Reach out to use today to find out how our incredibly customizable Branded Fold Out Merchandisers can be used for your next project.
With a low minimum order qty of 100 units, these units can be tested at a small scale before nationwide rollouts.
These stands are made by Testrite Visual Products in Hackensack NJ from start to finish.

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