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Info & Policy

Terms: Open terms are strictly 1% 10 days, net 30 days, FOB factory, Hackensack, N.J. pending credit approval. Find credit application on website. Custom products are normally paid for at time of order. Testrite accepts payment via credit card at time of order without additional fees. Payment on Net terms should be in the form of ACH or check. Payment of outstanding invoices via credit card will incur a 3% credit card processing fee.

Shipping: Via UPS and truck, FOB factory, Hackensack, N.J. Standard catalog products normally ship in 2-3 days in small quantities, 7-17 days for large quantities. Custom product lead times vary. Drop & blind shipping available.

Orders: Fax: 201.543.2195, Email: orders@testrite.com, Phone: 201.543.0240. Sales, customer service & technical representatives are available. Full support is available in English, Spanish & Portuguese. EDI suitable for frequent purchases.

Custom Products: Quotations for "Specials" are offered quickly and are encouraged. Please fully test your custom product by getting a sample before ordering. Lead times are typically under promised and over delivered.

Samples: Samples are available and can be quoted on request.

Prices: Recommended “List” prices are established for all catalog items and deep re-seller discounts are available. Current pricing is on website in the customer log-in section. Prices are subject to change &/or typographical error.

Country of Origin: Over 96% is made in the U.S. including all the aluminum, steel, tubing and castings. Some components such as travel bags, plastic parts are imported.

Disclaimer: Purchaser determines suitability of all product usage and assumes all risk & liability. Neither the seller nor manufacturer shall be held liable for any injury, loss or damage from use of such product.

Product Specifications: Subject to change due to our continuous improvement program and material or commodity shortages.

Catalog Errors: The catalog has been reviewed to present information and prices as accurately as possible. If an error is found in description or price, we reserve the right to correct it.

Returns: For standard stock catalog itmes in quantity up to 5, a 25% restocking fee plus freight must be paid in both directions and product must be recieved in salable condition. Please call or email customer service for a written return authorization. No returns will be accepted without such authorization. Custom orders are not cancelable nor returnable and returns of larger quantities or made to order standard items require pre-approval at Testrite Management's discretion

Damages & Shortages: Please report these within 48 hours. Note all problems on Parcel Manifest or Bill of Lading when signing.

In Summary We pride ourselves on working closely with our customers and responding to their needs. Our entire staff is dedicated to ensure quality and service. Rely on Testrite ® for well designed product, short lead times, and value price points.



Testrite offers a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials or workmanship affecting the quality and function of its products when used in the correct manner.

The determination is solely Testrite’s and its obligation shall be limited to providing replacement parts.

Lightbox warranty differs and is available on our website.



Matte black and satin silver are our standard color choices, but we can match most PMS specified colors.



Input: Aluminum, steel and corrugated are our major material components.

25% of our Aluminum currently comes from recycled billet, and will increase as more becomes available. Steel recycled content currently averages 58% Corrugated medium and liner board (boxes) currently average 70% recycled content.

Where: As a U.S. manufacturer, Testrite utilizes local suppliers reducing transportation impact. The carbon footprint of a Toyota Prius built in Asia is greater than a Chevrolet Suburban.

Design: Many of our designs are telescopic, facilitating less packaging and transportation.

Process: 88% of our scrap metals are recycled. 60% of our corrugated waste is converted into usable packaging. We will recycle our brand aluminum products if returned to us by customers.


Quality: Testrite products have always been known for extraordinary reliability and therefore have longer lives than our competitors’ products. If our products last longer, the carbon footprint is therefore less. Product life impacts the environment more than any other factor.

Our policy is to run our business with our earth in our hearts.


Points/Mils Inches Millimeters
1 .001 .025
32 .031 .812
39 .039 1
62 .062 1.57
70 .070 1.75
78 .078 2
93 .093 2.38
125 .125 3.18
156 .156 4
187 .187 4.75
250 .250 6.35
275 .275 7
312 .312 7.93
375 .375 9.52
393 .393 10
437 .437 11.11
472 .472 12
500 .500 12.7
563 .563 14.28
625 .625 15.87
750 .750 19.05
875 .875 22.22
1000 1.000 25.4


Contact us for any needs you may have. It is our pleasure to assist you in finding the right product for your opportunity.

Phones: 888.873.2735
Fax: 201.543.2195
Customer Service Extension: 2
Sales Extension: 3
O.E.M. Extension: 4
Hours: 8 am - 5:30 pm EST
Orders: orders@testrite.com
Email: display@testrite.com