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A Frame Tool-Kit for Brand Building


A Frame Tool-Kit For Brand Building
Customization is our specialty

Silhouette Trim Frames


Perfex™ Curvilinear Frames


Perfex™ Rectlinear Frames


SupraSlim SnapFrames™


EasyOpen SnapFrames™


EasyOpen™ Radius Corner


FrameGraphix™  SnapFrames


Charisma™ Mini SEG


Charisma™ SEG Frames



Lunch and Learn About Testrite

New Products, New Team Members and a New Showroom

Testrite VP Paula Goodelman teaches team members new and old about new and classic Testrite products at our new showroom.  Associates were treated to lunch and given a small quiz at the end.  New staffers Melanie Sheehan, Lynnette Higgins and Naomi Bethune answered correctly and each won a gift card.

An informative and fun time was had by all!

At Testrite's new Showroom and Design Center, Graphic Artist Stephan Ilea enthusiastically asks Vice President Paula Goodelman about Testrite's best-selling BN2 banner stand.