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Testrite's Commitment to the Planet

Green Policy

Our commitment to the environment


Aluminum, steel and corrugated are our major material components.

25% of our Aluminum currently comes from recycled billet, and will increase as more becomes available.

Steel recycled content currently averages 58%.

Corrugated medium and liner board (boxes) currently average 70% recycled content.

As a U.S. manufacturer, Testrite utilizes local suppliers reducing transportation impact.  As example, note that the carbon footprint of a Toyota Prius built in Asia is greater than a Chevrolet Surburban.  

Many of our designs are telescopic, facilitating less packaging and transportation.

88% of our scrap metals are recycled. 60% of our corrugated waste is converted into usable packaging.

We routinely recycle our brand aluminum products when returned to us by customers.


Testrite Is Expanding It's Executive Team

Testrite Is Expanding It's Executive Team
Meet Jamie Relis Rubin,
our new National Sales Manager.
Based out of our NJ headquarters, Jamie's concentration will be in the Tri-state area but she will be responsible for developing custom display solutions for key customers in all territories.

Jamie recently completed 5 years at Testrite, working on the West coast in Business Development. She has a lot of hands-on experience providing support and service across a diverse client base.

Testrite is celebrating its 95th birthday this year and Jamie represents our fourth generation!

We're excited that Jamie has progressed to this stage and we look forward to continuing our pursuit of graphic display opportunities with you for many years to come.

Jamie Relis Rubin