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Telescoping Aluminum Tubing

telescoping tubing
Telescopic Lock Types
telescoping tubing
telescoping tubing
telescoping tubing
telescoping tubing
telescoping tubing
telescoping tubing
telescoping tubing
telescoping tubing
telescoping tubing

Telescoping Poles and Tubing

Our specialty is the manufacture of aluminum telescoping pole assemblies and O.E.M. is the core competency of our company

Your company's project can rely on 95 years of innovative solutions, already tooled in many cases, to help you achieve product development success.

Our engineering department will work with you to design and produce the assembly that will best insure your project's success.

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  • Close tolerance, high tensile strength round tubing with .038" walls
  • Telescopes in 1/8" increments (i.e. 7/8" fits into 1", 1" fits into 1 1/8", etc.)
  • Tube diameters from 3/8" to 1-1/2"
  • Tubes can be cut to any length
  • Assemblies can range from 2 sections up to 10 sections, depending on lock style
  • Stops and overlaps provide bearing and keep legs from pulling apart
  • Longer overlaps for extra long assemblies can provide extra bearing
Aluminum Finishing Choices
  • Etched & Clear
  • Black Matte Anodized
  • Bright Dip Gold Anodized
  • Bright Dip Clear Anodized
  • Anodized and Powder-Coated Options
  • Spiral Grinding
  • Mill Finish
Attachments/Leg Ends
  • Cost effective Male or Female threads
  • Rubber Bumpers, Bends, Piercing, Notching & Cross Drilling
  • Custom Plugs and End Fittings
  • Finials, Leveling Glides, Casters
  • Ball Swivels, Stamped Mounts, Clamps, Screw Machine Parts, Yokes, Channels/Sign Mounts, Wireforms, Flexible Gooseneck Arms, Instrument Supports, Knobs

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Metal Bases

  • Square, Round, Oval, Bridge Base, Tripodal, Magnetic, Travel, Presto, Boomerang Shaped, Zinc Diecast.

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Professional inquiries only, please.
A $45 minimum charge applies for any sample or project.
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Tube Ends & Accessories

Dome & Flat Insert Caps
Rubber Bumpers
Handles & Grips
Screw Machined Bushings
Snap On Adapters

Available Diameters: 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", & 1-1/2"

Sign Holders
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Sign Channels

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Mounting Flange

Leveling Glides
Leg Spikes