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Equipment List

Frame mitering.

One of our 23 power presses.

The tool department.

Automatic screw machines.

Mazak laser.

Partial list:

5    Vertical Milling Machines

2    Horizontal Milling Machines

23  Power Presses ranging up to 50 ton

7    Press Brakes

3    Machine Shears

21  Pedestal/Bench Drill Presses

2    Mazak Lasers

8    Warner Swasey Turret Lathes

4    Brown and Sharpe Ultramatic Automatic Screw Machines
1    High speed Four Slide Wire Formers
1    Swaging Machine

3    Metal Polishing Machines

Grinding Machines

2    Rotary Bending Machines

Plastic Bending and Forming Machines

Plastic Edge Polisher

5    Compound Mitre Saws

6    Cross Cut Saws

2    Cold Cut Saws

5    Spot Welding Machines

1    Butt Welding Machine

2    Tig-Mig Miller Electric Welders

1    Automatic Gluing Machine

1    EZ automatic Box Maker

1    EZ automatic Box Slitter

2    Overhead Crane Hoists with lengthy Monorails

8    Metropolitan Pedestal Stapler Stations

1    Hardening Furnace

Various Tool Room Equipment
1    Skid Wrapping Machine
1    Baler

2    5,000 lb. Forklifts and Other Material Handling Equipment