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Testrite will be closed for Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 27th and Friday, November 28th.

Equipment List

Frame mitering.

One of our 23 power presses.

The tool department.

Automatic screw machines.

Mazak laser.

Partial list:

5    Vertical Milling Machines

2    Horizontal Milling Machines

23  Power Presses ranging up to 50 ton

7    Press Brakes

3    Machine Shears

21  Pedestal/Bench Drill Presses

2    Mazak Lasers

8    Warner Swasey Turret Lathes

4    Brown and Sharpe Ultramatic Automatic Screw Machines
1    High speed Four Slide Wire Formers
1    Swaging Machine

3    Metal Polishing Machines

Grinding Machines

2    Rotary Bending Machines

Plastic Bending and Forming Machines

Plastic Edge Polisher

5    Compound Mitre Saws

6    Cross Cut Saws

2    Cold Cut Saws

5    Spot Welding Machines

1    Butt Welding Machine

2    Tig-Mig Miller Electric Welders

1    Automatic Gluing Machine

1    EZ automatic Box Maker

1    EZ automatic Box Slitter

2    Overhead Crane Hoists with lengthy Monorails

8    Metropolitan Pedestal Stapler Stations

1    Hardening Furnace

Various Tool Room Equipment
1    Skid Wrapping Machine
1    Baler

2    5,000 lb. Forklifts and Other Material Handling Equipment